From the bonding of synchronizing and syncretism, together with notions of collaboration and synergy, sync Curatorial Fellowship Residency is born, as a multiple platform initiative and channel of communication, between like-minded partners in Greece, and the rest of the world. Being focused on creating a sustainable and accessible cultural dialogue towards the sharing, understanding and development of contemporary practices and beyond, sync aims to promote transnational conversations and the exchange of syncretic ideas, from within a diversified and multidisciplinary context, while providing opportunities for curators and artists. The local scene’s necessity for accessibility and contribution to the global discourse calls for innovative methods and strategies of collaboration. By bringing together places and cultures in a dialogue, through a comprehensive methodology, we hope we can further the potentiality for global integration while encouraging notions of pluralism.

Against the idea of a static space, sync’s objective as a nomadic format of alternating hosting venues is to collapse boundaries of insularity across bureaucratic conventions of individual operations. By bridging concepts, reevaluating procedures and integrating new systems and fields of action, we hope to reconsider notions of the contemporary, while providing opportunities for professional growth. Within a neoliberalist global economy system that has directed, and is directing, art’s identity worldwide into an individualist and insular condition, the act of creating an open platform of cooperating alliances with existing components is a sustainable way of creating, and redefining, social structures of action through cultural practice. In that way, and with the focus being towards the fostering of reflection, critical interpretation and aesthetic awareness, we hope to challenge perceptions, shape connections, generate publics and inspire new audiences across cultures, borders and disciplines.